Saturday, August 14, 2010


Ok, let's talk about football.

Today is the begining of another Barclay's Premier League season, the seaon 10/11.

Since when I started watching football? Ehhm... Iwas not a huge fan of football, with the very same reason people dislike football, why is there fun of people of 22 players have to chase for the same ball when they can each afford themselves one? Not to say when it comes to the Red Devil's attacking style - it's always the winger who get the ball and crosses it into the box, then the striker to head it in, it's another boring goal. *Yawn*

Then there was this day, when I was working as a waiter in the restaurant, being famous for its huge projector (it was special those days, and expensive! Nowadays you can easily see there are projectors in any mamak stalls) it was late and we're closing but there were still some customers - watching football. Then I found that this team was playing very "special" football, not those boring style crossing here and there, waiting people to head it in style. The passes were accurate, short, fast, and those positioning and how they covered for each other was great. Then I felt in love with this team, Arsenal.

After much research, I found that this manager, Arsene Wenger is the mastermind behind the team. He has his special way to lead the team, not only in the playing style, but in terms of choosing players as well. From the record, he trained and led a lot of world class players which before joining the team, they were just a youngster and with some been described as "very talented youth".

Not to say they were the team to be unbeaten in the Premier League on season 03/04 since Preston. How could you not love such team? =P

Those are the reasons which made visiting Emirates Stadium a must when I was in the UK.

Err... are there anymore reasons? Of course but it would be, "just don't like Man Utd". That's it.

So it's been few years since I'm in love with this club. Silverware? Of course it''ll be best if they could win some but, no matter what, they're still the best in my heart.

Go Gunners for the season 10/11! Can't wait to see the golden Premier League badges on your sleeves next season!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Erm... It's been three months since I last updated my blog. It's a good sign for me, why is that? I think this question can be easily answered if you had browse and read through all my previous posts - they were all about things which I refer to as my "unpleasant moment". Though not updating it doesn't mean that I have no unpleasant moment for the past few months, it's just that last time when I was upset, I blog for whatever matters that were bothering me and all my dilemmas. By then, the utterness usually give me a sense of relief from what arousing me. Now, having that I stepped into another stage of my life, I started to realise that time is the essence - I hardly have the time to relax myself after a tiring working day, so never mind blogging.

Now that I'm here again, blogging but, everything is fine now, I'm fine, today. Not sure about tomorrow.

Well, this is just another thought my mine. I still love my blog, so I couldn't let it rot and die itself, I still care!

Few weeks ago, I posted something in my Facebook:-

When I was 4, I was happy if I could have ice-cream everyday;
When I was 14, I was happy if I could play video games 24 hours a day;
Now I'm 24, but I don't know what could me make happy anymore.
Where are those times when happiness can be easily found?
It could be around us, it's just that us not realising it.

Many people like it, and many people commented on it. Seems like I'm not the only one who has lost something and doesn't know what that thing was. As we grow, we gain experiences from all the mistakes we've made and we learn from those mistakes so that we have the courage to face all challenges ahead us. This is a continuous process and is neverending. During this process, undenialy, there are lots of things to be learnt, I always have the belief that when we learnt something new, we lost something as well. For instance, you learnt a new theory; you've lost your initial principle of how thigns work, you learnt how to lie; you've lost your pureness in you, etc. In short, we call this, Life.

It seems to me that to survive, we are all forced to live Life that something as simple as ABC can be differ for people of different ages.

ABC for a kid might just be Apple, Boy, Cat;
ABC for an adult could have become Arithmetic, Biodiversity, Chemicological, which all can be further elaborated into theories and might invloves years of researches to understand them in complete.

I finally watched the movie Taipei Exchanges today. Another nice movie which I love very much. Towards the end of the movie, one question was asked,

"In your heard, what do you think is the thing that is most valuable to you"

I answered "my stories", because it's the thing that we grow old together, these are the stories of my happiness, sorrowness, anxieties, excitements, fears, etc, which all of them made who I am today.

What are the thing which is most valuable to you? Kinda agree to the answer that guy gave in the movie, "Naiveness".

Enjoy this song:-

When I was Small, 細細個 - 馮曦妤


不理 外界或者世態炎涼
回到最初 用那顆心 直上

人大卻 開始羨慕
童年樣樣也好 從沒煩惱


不理 外界或者世態炎涼
回到最初 用那顆心 直上

跌倒起身來過 慣性一樣
人大了怎麼反而 漸漸害怕受傷



像細個般 純潔勇敢 直上

Thursday, May 13, 2010








Monday, May 10, 2010



















需记得,Do not take things for granted!

Song of the day:

"That's just life 寻找梦里的未来
That's just life 少点现实的无奈
不论风吹的时候 不再傍徨的时候
永远向前 路一直都在"

Sunday, March 21, 2010












只能说, 世界好不公平。



2012 快来啊! 我要世界末日! =(


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chinese New Year?

As usual, coming out from office at 7:00 pm, the sky was already dark completely. Good! What a day it was!

50 kmph, that's the project site's speed limit. Who cares right? It a project site what. Not here though, not here! Eventhough it's night time, the hardworking guards will still shoot you with their speed gun and the punishment is not cheap, you might even get sacked from the site. In fact, instead of wanting to get home faster, I actually enjoyed the speed limit, with the radio blasting the songs I like. I actually love driving alone, especially when I can sing as loud as I canwhen nobody hears it.

Plenty of traffic outside the project site. People here are impatient, they don't wait, they like to speed, they tailgate, they'll do whatever they think will make them faster when in fact, it won't.

Never mind, I told myself, I can wait, I got all the time in the world.

Driving home alone. Started to wonder how is the celebration in Malaysia now. Wow, it's chinese new year and valentine's day in a same day, sure it'll be a happening night. Too bad I was not there.

Had not got my chinese new year last year, I thought I will be able to make it this year but... Well, next year is a definite NO again. Pathetic am I? Trying to let tears flow down my cheeks but, just realised that I've been acting strong too long. You know when you're alone facing many problems and things for a long, you actually forget what it's like being able to show the other side of you, the softer side. No matter how hard I tried, there's just won't be tears. Guess I'm hell lot older now.

Happy, Chinese New Year.

I'm be coming back seven days later. I know you guys will not probably be there anymore, but at least, by that time, I'm there and I'll come to you. The fact I can still meet all my friends and families makes me feel a lot better.

So, see you guys in seven days!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Frankly, I'm tired. Work, work, work! I'm not a smart person, don't know how to make a decision, can't analyse almost everything, only good at doing what people told to. That's the reason which made me tired? Guess so. It's because I have those attitude, some find me easy to work with, some find me stupid to work with, some nominate me for their tasks, some keeps throwing anything to me.

Made some stupid decisions today.

Told someone something that I should not have told them today.

Expressed some useless idea in a meeting today.

I know you guys are planning you CNY trip happily, I know things have to be followed up, I know someone has to do it. Why am I the person who has to stay and follow up things and be the "someone" who has to do it? I don't look a capable person do I? With the list of tasks I have now, can I finish them before my next home trip? I can hardly say so. I'd be grateful if there are no new tasks for me tomorrow - let me digest what I have now please!

And, well, please don't say anything discouraging to an already desperate people.

I know you guys never but, just in case. Unless you really wanted to, don't!

Tired. Physically and mentally.

Smile! Tomorrow will be a good day! Will it?

Shit! Stupid meeting at 8am for work that were taichi-ed to me. Must have learn more kungfu!

I want to cry, but there are no tears.

May God bless the tired guy...